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Go getters in the home business arena are in a never ending search for a network marketing strategy that will catapult their business and send them straight to the top. If you are one of the serious players, then you already know the market is saturated with what many would consider old school techniques for building a business. Being a trend setter and standing out from the crowd requires a network marketing strategy unique from every other sales pitch.

Reverse marketing seems to be a highly under used network marketing strategy even though it has been around for years. The reason I believe it is not widely used, is basically because not enough people know how to teach or train the method effectively enough to duplicate and produce serious results for their teams. In understanding how to use reverse marketing, you also must know how not to use it.

What A Reverse Network Marketing Strategy Is Not

First, think about standard marketing practices. This is where a person or company directly markets their product or service to a consumer pointing out the benefits of why they need that product and how their life will be different by using their product. With traditional marketing the approach is geared more towards appealing to the consumer’s emotions, creating feelings of what they'll be missing without using their product or service. This is basic targeted marketing.

A network marketing strategy that uses a standard approach starts with an ad or sales pitch which leads with the product or opportunity. In other words, your main objective is to expose your products or opportunity to generate leads for potential clients or business partners. Using straight sales practices for your network marketing strategy works, although because people don't like to be sold to, it usually requires a higher advertising volume. Whether you share links to your business on social sites, use classified ads, traffic exchanges, or use paid lead vendors, if you share specific information about your company and product, that is direct marketing, and you wanting a sale is always obvious.

What Is A Reverse Network Marketing Strategy?

Reverse marketing in terms of a network marketing strategy can also be thought of as attraction marketing. If that sounds confusing, it’s not when you understand the meaning. Using a reverse network marketing strategy is an indirect approach. You wanting a sale are not quite as obvious. Instead of promoting your products or biz operations, you focus more on providing beneficial information to your intended market and your service is introduced more subtly.

There are various avenues people prefer to use for a reverse network marketing strategy. For instance, someone may research why a consumer would want their product, and address the need in the form of information like an e-book. An example of this would be, maybe a particular company promotes a health product that addresses a specific ailment. The reverse network marketing strategy may be producing content that educates a person about the condition and answers questions about viable solutions. The content directs the person reading to more information about the author, and a specific product that can solve their problem. This is a value motivated proposal, since the content is not focused on the product, but rather on informing the individual on the ailment or addressing key questions people may have about the problem. Since you have given something of worth to someone, they are more apt to trust you and buy from you. Other methods can include article marketing, how to videos, free reports, free or paid training programs, etc.

The principal intention is that a reverse network marketing strategy must focus on giving first, while leading a person to make a decision to purchase what you have, entirely devoid of you having to convince them. If you have a great reverse network marketing strategy in place, you might never have to talk with your leads until after they've made a purchase!

To Do Or Not To Do With A Reverse Network Marketing Strategy

Do – Provide content or offer that is always relevant to what the customer is really looking for. In other words, whatever information you give must answer the questions that are posed by the person who is searching for information. Irrelevant information will yield zero and just make you look bad.
Do- Make sure you are giving information or tools of actual value. Sowing dead seed returns dead leads, so choose your offers wisely.

Do- Make sure you have some sort of opt-in lead capture form to collect each person’s information, so you can follow up with them either by phone or by using an auto-responder email system.

Don’t – Use Spam reverse marketing. This one is very significant. If you have ever been on the receiving end, you know how infuriating it is. Let me give you an example. You receive a communication from somebody asking if you are still with ABC business or do you still market XYZ merchandise, and if so they must speak to you as they need some answers. They request your reply. So you do, and it results in your inbox being bombarded with email after email regarding everything great they have to offer you. Ouch! This is the lack of ethics rearing it's ugly head in the form of a so-called reverse network marketing strategy!

Don’t – Friend anybody and everybody on social networks looking to network, while only intending to spam their email. I loathe this one too, as yes, my inbox has been filled with offers.

Don’t- Spam period. Except of course you don’t mind being blacklisted, then spam away. It comes down to this - either make the decision to promote ethically and give something of worth, or don't use a reverse network marketing strategy.

No matter the approach you elect to employ as your reverse network marketing strategy, the key is in providing value driven information that is relevant to your intended audience. Again you must aim to give first, establishing trust, and let your content direct your potential customer to making the right choice to purchase what you have.

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