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The latest news is that when there are no bidders for MRT3 maintenance provider, the DOTC will accept direct negotiation with other company. This is another issue for Jun Abaya if his critics will pursue such decision. Likewise, I think, the DOTC Secretary is always ready to answer their doubts.

Majority of the people doubting this fare increases would be siphoned into a huge pork barrel fund to finance public works projects through such schemes as the Disbursement Acceleration Program rather than to improve in the metro rail system to make it more efficient and safer for commuters to travel between their homes and jobs?

Of all the immediate concern for MRT3 commuters is safe travel on the trains from point and point B and over the past few months, the system has drawn criticism for recurrent breakdowns due to mechanical glitches. Last August MRT-3 was forced to suspend operations due to mechanical and communication failures. The 15-year-old MRT has been plagued by technical problems and overcrowding.

The worst of these train service disruptions, due to maintenance shortfalls, took place, with the derailment of a southbound train that sent almost 40 people to hospital for injuries. Passenger safety has come off as the more critical issue plaguing the elevated railways system than the source of subsidies for the entire system. It involves life and death issues over whether the trains become the casket for some.

The Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya has more reasons why he’s still implementing the fare increase even though more and more groups and lawmakers filed petitions to stop the increase. The Supreme Court decided that TRO cannot be given because of the stature of DOTC stand to increase the same.

Various sectors intend to ask the Office of the President to review and suspend the fare increase implemented by Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) on orders of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). Amid the outrage over the MRT-LRT fare increases, different sectors will jointly file a letter-petition before the Office of the President to ask for a review and suspension of the fare hike adjustment.

The petitioners, led by Akbayan Representatives Walden Bello and Barry Gutierrez and former senior government official Raffy Alunan, will ask President Benigno Aquino III "to exercise its 'power of control' over all executive departments, bureaus and offices by revoking" DOTC Order No. 2014-14 or the Implementation of the Uniform Distance-based Fare Scheme for three train lines.

The future of MRT-LRT train system could be improved and developed by our leaders with honest intention to serve the people. Election 2016 will be another leader chosen to manage and govern the Philippines. As such the issue still lingers which need the focus for solutions?


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