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The MRT3 Never-Ending Drama Until Election 2016? #ViralInternetLinks

The MRT3-EDSA is the longest government drama that bestowed its never-changing desires to fix the problems. It’s more than what the Filipinos are expecting to give much excellent services in terms of development.

The delays and lack of progress in the rehabilitation of MRT3 are totally the responsibility of the DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya. He opted to resume his decisions even though the public outcry deepened overtime. What other options that he’s aiming at before and until now?

Other political groups are sceptical about his motives in prolonging or delaying the remedies to be implemented in MRT3. The contracts he made (most of the time) are nowhere to be desired by many. But instead, his actions got another doubts from the Senate and other political groups. He’s the Liberal Party President and nothing new for his actions to give way for his party in the coming election 2016.

The question really bound to the Secretary Abaya and the Pnoy Administration , why he’s the one to handle this responsibility when in fact, he has no experience with this job beforehand.

Come to think that he always manipulated the bidding to be failed, so that he can do the other way around according to his planned motives?

The Senate grilled him for the longest time without any doubt that his projection for the MRT3 development is nothing but a show….a delay until election time in 2016. What he wants for the implementation by multiple maintenance providers? No one will ever be responsible in case worse comes to worst?

It’s really clear that the MRT3-EDSA problems can be minimized and can be manipulated until the full development will be implemented. But the main thing lies with the DOTC head to pursue its immediate solutions.

The Senate wanted Secretary Abaya to resign but who will replace him? President Aquino will allow this to happen? How about the mess he created before?

Leftist groups are feasting for their negative remarks about the DOTC Secretary, “Mismanagement had been abetted by his closeness to the President. Like others in the Aquino Cabinet, they have so far seen themselves as untouchable. Will President Aquino finally stop his awful practice of coddling his cronies and get rid of him before he wreaks more damage at the DOTC?” According to them, the problem was that Abaya had no special qualifications or record to bring to the DOTC in the first place.

Whatever brings the most affordable and easy way-out for MRT3 problems can be credited to those who sacrificed their time – the train commuters. They made their time allowable to the negative setbacks done by the Pnoy Administration in general.


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DOTC Secretary “Fatal” Remarks #ViralInternetLinks

While the unending drama of MRT3 never ceased to amaze us, Jun Abaya nevertheless noted the crucial importance of the extension project of the Light Rail Transit Line 2 to Masinag in Antipolo. The P2.27-billion project would help serve an added 75,000 daily passengers living in densely populated areas of Rizal. Operations will begin by the third quarter of 2017.

But the traffic congestion brought about by the mismanagement of MRT3, the riding public never ceased to wonder what’s happening to the DOTC Secretary. He was with this government service industry for a long time now with many negatives came to him without much flair.

Consequently, agreed to undertake the two-station approach for the proponents of LRT-1, LRT-7 and MRT-3 have yielded to the DOTC decision to adopt the two-station approach (instead of a single station) to effect the transfer of passengers from any of the three lines to any of the other two lines in order to proceed to their respective destinations.

Likewise, Jun Abaya’s “Fatal” remarks to the media gave more negative aspect of his character in rendering the outcome of his government jobs at the DOTC. And, he’s quick to reiterate in public without any remorse.

Why this is happening for the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) when the Aquino Administration truthfully opened its course to the public. The betterment of the living condition of the Filipinos that he installed upon had been corrupted by the opposition’s lethal weapon. For his last SONA, he never amazed to report the good things that he devoted to work for.

The rehabilitation of MRT3 had gone too far for Jun Abaya to give positive feedback to the people. It continued the messy part of its maintenance activities and the projected upgrade of the dilapidated metro rail.

The Senate tried to conduct another public hearing within the month to have an update of the DOTC report on MRT3. The Senate wanted to know the immediate actions that will be done to solve the mess in MRT. The public just deserves to know what DOTC has to say about it, since commuters are left as victims. Everyday complains on ridership experiences and defective trains are increasingly shared and promoted on social media.

The development that the riding public have always wanted was outdated by its constant breakdowns and problems occurred overtime. The maintenance companies that Jun Abaya had employs, composed of so many components to deal with such hard recourse. It supposedly to give ease and betterment for the metro rail system but maintenance people have difficulty in gaining the trust of the public.

Likewise, the Aquino Administration’s trying harder to confront the new horizons of its governance. Proving to be the best in each sectors of the society, they yielded much programs for pushing the improvement of the nation. The increased in GDP talked much for the administration to show the results to the people. More so, the election 2016 has its merits to continue the good side of the Aquino Administration and hoping the positive outcome for the work done by our leaders in the future.


The Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT3-EDSA) is the cornerstone of the Department of Transportation & Communication's integrated strategy to alleviate the chronic traffic congestion experience along the EDSA corridor. The Metro Rail system is designed to carry in excess of 23,000 passengers per hour per direction, initially, and is expandable to accommodate 48,000 passengers per hour, per direction.

For years now, rapid growth of commuters and vehicles population have plagued Metro Manila, the center of Philippine socio-economic and political activity. Heavy traffic, pollution and all the attendant undesired results are problems that Metro Manila had to contend with daily.

EDSA's importance to the lives of more than eight million people - or 12 percent of the country's 68 million citizens who live in Metro Manila cannot be underestimated. Added to the metropolis' growing population are the transients and migrants who come to live in Metro Manila in search of opportunities. Every birth, transient or migrant, is a potential commuter who will likely join more than the 2.8 million people already using EDSA.

At worse, heavy traffic is taking its toll on the nation's social and economic build-up. Traffic in Metro Manila is expected to nearly resemble nerve-wracking conditions in Bangkok, Thailand and in other parts of the world. Experts agree that a long term solution, beyond just keeping vehicles off the streets, is imperative. One of the solutions that the government sponsored was the establishment of the EDSA MRT3 System.

For the past years, MRT3 got what it takes to be the beaming lights of DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya. He moulded the management and operations to the best of his knowledge and reasons. Despite of it, he dangled his pride to become one of the government officials who put forward this MRT3 into devastating state.

The Senate was making a wave by questioning the MRT3 complete buyout of the DOTC. More sectors are claiming the buyout as a ploy of the government for other ulterior motives? But, as what the DOTC’s planning to the MRT3 development, the 2015 budget could help, according to Secretary Jun Abaya. And, implemented the fare hike for its development?

What happened then? Why constant breakdowns still feasible even to this date? Is there hidden agenda or vested interest on the part of the DOTC Secretary?

Let’s begin with his pronouncement that the DOTC has allotted P81.5 million to procure 608 pieces of new 12-meter steel rails for MRT 3. Pending the awarding of the contract and the supply of the new rails, the MRT 3 is borrowing spare rails from the LRT 2 due to its depleted stocks of spare rails. The ways for these maintenance needed means it’s not totally monitor to provide the proper security to the train commuters. In fact, more breakdowns are recorded and needs immediate solutions.

Aside from the rail replacement, the government is also procuring a new maintenance contractor for the MRT 3 line. The DOTC has recently increased the approved budget for the three-year MRT 3 maintenance contract to P2.4 billion from P2.2 billion allocated during the failed first bidding. The new maintenance provider will be the one to replace worn out rails with new ones.

The DOTC is looking for maintenance provider, for the nth time that could help the MRT3 operations run smoothly to replace Global-APT (Global Epcom and Autre Porte Technique), the present maintenance company wherein, members of Liberal Party’s involved. Why failed bidding?

With the present situation of rail system and while the government unilaterally raised metro train fares by 50-80 percent, with no upgrade in service or facilities, majority of the people doubting this fare increases would be siphoned into a huge pork barrel fund to finance public works projects through such schemes as the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) rather than to improve in the metro rail system to make it more efficient and safer for commuters to travel between their homes and jobs.

The unfortunate series of breakdowns were aggravated by the poor, incapable and incompetent maintenance of the MRT. The DOTC must implement all it can at the moment to ease the burden and guarantee the safety of the riding public.

The Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya must act accordingly with the mandate of the people to manage the MRT3-EDSA with the development as the first priority not the election 2016 financial pooling.


For the second time, MRT3 bidding failed in getting participants for maintenance provider which it needed in running the MRT3 rail system. The outcome can never be quantified for sure because there was another scheduled bid as per DOTC announcement. Another rumor is that the government welcomes unsolicited proposals on how to overhaul MRT3, rather than set bidding terms that supposedly hinder much-needed improvements in the system. The MRT3 is the least maintained than LRT1 and LRT2 metro rail system which has undergone much criticism from commuters. Bidding failure means that APT-Global still extended as maintenance provider.

Companies interested to bid for the 10-year contract to operate and maintain the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line 2 have to prove their fitness to join the auction for the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project. The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) expects to receive the qualification documents of prospective bidders after postponing the deadline twice last November 20 and December 15. At least six bidders that have bought pre-qualification documents last year including Light Rail Manila Consortium (LRMC), San Miguel Corp., Marubeni Corp., GT Capital Holdings Inc., D.M. Consunji, Inc., and RATP Development.

For LRT1, the offer of second bidding is scheduled promptly. Under the DOTC’s original timeline, the government targets to notify qualified bidders a month after the deadline of submission of qualification documents. CB&T was extended as LRT-1 maintenance contractor at present. The winning concessionaire of the LRT line 1, LRMC represents Metro Pacific Investment Corp., Ayala’s AC Infrastructure Holdings Inc., and Philippine Investment Alliance for Infrastructure’s Macquarie Infrastructure Holdings Philippines PTE Ltd.

The three mass railway systems had been modified by Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya for strict requirements and implementation even through the bidding process. Likewise, the management and operations lies mainly to DOTC team who control the whole endeavor.

It’s learned that, at present, the DOTC’s also open for the consultancy services for MRT3 under its rehabilitation and capacity expansion projects. The consulting firm would provide assistance and guidance in all matters pertaining to operations and maintenance of the MRT3 and Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA). The consultant would also extend assistance in the conceptualization, implementation, and procurement of any and all programs and projects for MRT3 in an effort to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, convenient, affordable, and efficient mass rail transit system.

Likewise, the DOTC also invited firms to bid for the supply and delivery of 60 units of traction motor for the MRT-3 system Czech-made RT8D5M light rail vehicles (LRVs) worth P91.7 million. Interested bidders are required to have completed a single contract similar to the project within the last 20 years and with a value of at least 50 percent of the project cost. The pre-bid conference for the project is scheduled on February 4. Interested companies are given until February 18 to submit bids. The winning bidder will be tasked to deliver the traction motors including two prototype units as well as pertinent installation and maintenance manuals, and illustrated parts catalogue within 180 calendar days from the issuance of Notice to Proceed.

The DOTC should be ready for another failed bid if possible for MRT3 especially. And why they have to?

For MRT3 first and second bidding for getting maintenance provider failed, there’s a possibility to fail because the DOTC Secretary’s strategy in sustaining APT-Global, until such time that they are getting-used of its workmanship. Besides, the APT-Global maintenance provider people are members of Liberal Party.

Commuters need the rail systems to be in good condition, pleasure to ride, and other developments wherein they can move forward with their daily lives. It’s a must for our leaders to serve our countrymen with dignity, honesty, discipline and determination to succeed.


The latest news is that when there are no bidders for MRT3 maintenance provider, the DOTC will accept direct negotiation with other company. This is another issue for Jun Abaya if his critics will pursue such decision. Likewise, I think, the DOTC Secretary is always ready to answer their doubts.

Majority of the people doubting this fare increases would be siphoned into a huge pork barrel fund to finance public works projects through such schemes as the Disbursement Acceleration Program rather than to improve in the metro rail system to make it more efficient and safer for commuters to travel between their homes and jobs?

Of all the immediate concern for MRT3 commuters is safe travel on the trains from point and point B and over the past few months, the system has drawn criticism for recurrent breakdowns due to mechanical glitches. Last August MRT-3 was forced to suspend operations due to mechanical and communication failures. The 15-year-old MRT has been plagued by technical problems and overcrowding.

The worst of these train service disruptions, due to maintenance shortfalls, took place, with the derailment of a southbound train that sent almost 40 people to hospital for injuries. Passenger safety has come off as the more critical issue plaguing the elevated railways system than the source of subsidies for the entire system. It involves life and death issues over whether the trains become the casket for some.

The Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya has more reasons why he’s still implementing the fare increase even though more and more groups and lawmakers filed petitions to stop the increase. The Supreme Court decided that TRO cannot be given because of the stature of DOTC stand to increase the same.

Various sectors intend to ask the Office of the President to review and suspend the fare increase implemented by Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) on orders of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). Amid the outrage over the MRT-LRT fare increases, different sectors will jointly file a letter-petition before the Office of the President to ask for a review and suspension of the fare hike adjustment.

The petitioners, led by Akbayan Representatives Walden Bello and Barry Gutierrez and former senior government official Raffy Alunan, will ask President Benigno Aquino III "to exercise its 'power of control' over all executive departments, bureaus and offices by revoking" DOTC Order No. 2014-14 or the Implementation of the Uniform Distance-based Fare Scheme for three train lines.

The future of MRT-LRT train system could be improved and developed by our leaders with honest intention to serve the people. Election 2016 will be another leader chosen to manage and govern the Philippines. As such the issue still lingers which need the focus for solutions?


The Senate handled the MRT3 glitches over the DOTC Secretary Emilio Abaya and Bob Sobrepena of MRT Holdings resulted to more meetings and intensifying subjects being discussed in the open.

For the past months, before the signing of 2015 budget, Secretary Emilio Abaya was very much alive with his planned strategies on how to tackle MRT3 problems and continued to move forward with his leadership for the good of the commuters. While at the same time, never had a wink of giving MRT Holdings its proposition for business unification. Even the Senate cannot twisted his firmed ways to solve this gigantic problem of the MRT3 drama that buyout was the only option.

Then, Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya failed to attend the hearing on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) fare hike. Truthfully, he’s busy preparing for the Pope’s visit to the Philippines and needs to prioritize things in order.

But militant group leaders like BAYAN MUNA Representative Neri Colmenares, BUHAY Representative Lito Atienza, and AKO BICOL Representative Rodel Batocabe voiced-out their negative note because of his absence.

Even Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero vowed to confront Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio A. Abaya and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad over the “treacherous’’ increase of mass transit fare.

Both accused the Department of Transportation and Communication of putting one over the public by enforcing the fare increase of the Metro Rail Transit and Light Rail Transit right during the holidays.

The increase, they argued, was ill-timed because Congress approved allocations for MRT and LRT in the P2.606-trillion 2015 national budget, and that MRT has not fixed its glitches.

Other Filipinos think negatively that Secretary Abaya, as the ruling Liberal Party’s acting President has made it a source of dirty money for election 2016. They concluded that such billion-peso corruption been prevented, there would be no need for the fare hike. What do you think?
Moreover, Senator Grace Poe approved for the need to raise the fare hike, but the timing is not. Poe added that MRT3 has poor services, and has yet to fix its glitches, among many others, and fuel prices have just gone down. She also wondered why the DOTC did not inform lawmakers about the fare increase when it asked for subsidy in the supplemental budget.

The Senate must wait after the Papal visit to call a meeting with DOTC Secretary Emilio Abaya and confront him with their published remarks. If they’re just riding to upkeep their images, then, they’re just playing poker instead. Their true intent must be measured by their ability to comprehend the political development within the arena. Likewise, our country needs honest leaders to put forward the development and living condition of all Filipinos.

It’s a must for, political leaders, militant groups, media people and even us to contemplate peace in solving and resolving such case like this. Never judge a person until he’s proven guilty. Maintain harmony within ourselves and trusts our present leaders to do their responsibilities to our country and its people.