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For the second time, MRT3 bidding failed in getting participants for maintenance provider which it needed in running the MRT3 rail system. The outcome can never be quantified for sure because there was another scheduled bid as per DOTC announcement. Another rumor is that the government welcomes unsolicited proposals on how to overhaul MRT3, rather than set bidding terms that supposedly hinder much-needed improvements in the system. The MRT3 is the least maintained than LRT1 and LRT2 metro rail system which has undergone much criticism from commuters. Bidding failure means that APT-Global still extended as maintenance provider.

Companies interested to bid for the 10-year contract to operate and maintain the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line 2 have to prove their fitness to join the auction for the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project. The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) expects to receive the qualification documents of prospective bidders after postponing the deadline twice last November 20 and December 15. At least six bidders that have bought pre-qualification documents last year including Light Rail Manila Consortium (LRMC), San Miguel Corp., Marubeni Corp., GT Capital Holdings Inc., D.M. Consunji, Inc., and RATP Development.

For LRT1, the offer of second bidding is scheduled promptly. Under the DOTC’s original timeline, the government targets to notify qualified bidders a month after the deadline of submission of qualification documents. CB&T was extended as LRT-1 maintenance contractor at present. The winning concessionaire of the LRT line 1, LRMC represents Metro Pacific Investment Corp., Ayala’s AC Infrastructure Holdings Inc., and Philippine Investment Alliance for Infrastructure’s Macquarie Infrastructure Holdings Philippines PTE Ltd.

The three mass railway systems had been modified by Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya for strict requirements and implementation even through the bidding process. Likewise, the management and operations lies mainly to DOTC team who control the whole endeavor.

It’s learned that, at present, the DOTC’s also open for the consultancy services for MRT3 under its rehabilitation and capacity expansion projects. The consulting firm would provide assistance and guidance in all matters pertaining to operations and maintenance of the MRT3 and Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA). The consultant would also extend assistance in the conceptualization, implementation, and procurement of any and all programs and projects for MRT3 in an effort to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, convenient, affordable, and efficient mass rail transit system.

Likewise, the DOTC also invited firms to bid for the supply and delivery of 60 units of traction motor for the MRT-3 system Czech-made RT8D5M light rail vehicles (LRVs) worth P91.7 million. Interested bidders are required to have completed a single contract similar to the project within the last 20 years and with a value of at least 50 percent of the project cost. The pre-bid conference for the project is scheduled on February 4. Interested companies are given until February 18 to submit bids. The winning bidder will be tasked to deliver the traction motors including two prototype units as well as pertinent installation and maintenance manuals, and illustrated parts catalogue within 180 calendar days from the issuance of Notice to Proceed.

The DOTC should be ready for another failed bid if possible for MRT3 especially. And why they have to?

For MRT3 first and second bidding for getting maintenance provider failed, there’s a possibility to fail because the DOTC Secretary’s strategy in sustaining APT-Global, until such time that they are getting-used of its workmanship. Besides, the APT-Global maintenance provider people are members of Liberal Party.

Commuters need the rail systems to be in good condition, pleasure to ride, and other developments wherein they can move forward with their daily lives. It’s a must for our leaders to serve our countrymen with dignity, honesty, discipline and determination to succeed.


Charlie Rivera said...

There have been more than a few who have pointed out that the failed bid was intentional, with contract whose provisions potential bidders find unreasonable, if not hallucinatory. So Abaya says that they will 'study' the draft to see how to modify it. The mega-question is: How long will they take with this 'study'? It must be recalled that in 2012 when DOTC took over the MRT and they fired maintenance provider Sumitomo the bids for a new provider kept getting postponed or kept failing. Then out of nowhere, Abaya - in a precursor to the unilateral increase of the MRT fare - just up and announced that it was too late to hold a bid, and thus assigned maintenance to an undercapitalized non-entity named PH Trams. So now are we in for Act 2 of the Abaya Follies?

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