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Why Choose Dial Up Over Broadband

This article looks and the advantages and disadvantages of dial up internet and broadband. It looks at why dial up internet is still a viable option in the home even though broadband is now the main contender in the market. Although, in the shadows of broadband, dial up internet is still present and still offering advantages over some broadband services. The main reasons for choosing dial up as opposed to broadband is that for those who live in rural areas without broadband access dial up can still be used.

Even though its old dial up still has a lot to offer. It doesn't require you to be stuck on a monthly contract with no way out; its a pay as you go system so should you wish to change your provider it wont be a problem. Dial up internet also only requires you to pay for what you use which means it can work out a lot cheaper than broadband if you don't not use your internet frequently. Also, because it operates through your phone line you wont need to have an engineer come to your home which some people can find invasive.

You are also able to browse a lot more safely with dial up internet. Safety is another key advantage for dial up internet. Each time you connect you use a brand new IP address meaning you are incredibly hard to trace and your account almost impossible to hack whilst still being able to connect to the internet wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection.

Broadband is still a big rival though. It is a lot faster meaning you can download and stream a lot quicker. Broadband will probably work out cheaper if you are spending a lot of time on the internet. Due to the fact the phone line is always being used when you have a dial up connection, broadband is the better option for those who wish to keep their phone line clear. Because broadband is always you can download items while you are away or stream programs which would usually not work on a slower dial up connection.

Broadband has now eliminated the need for wires through wireless internet which is another advantage over dial up internet. n Although broadband is now the more popular choice, people still find it is useful to have a dial up connection in case of emergencies. Even when the weather is bad it is usually the case that phone lines stay clear.

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