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Bob Sobrepena Message To All Filipinos: This Is The Truth #ViralInternetLinks

Now that Bob Sobrepena’s out in the open in heralding the ownership of MRT3 train system, should a reply is needed from DOTC to clear things out? Let’s wait and see for this “drama of the decade” to unfold something interesting here.

But, if the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) won’t give any reply and still keeping Bob Sobrepena out of the loop? Or, still, the planned buyout of MRT3’s on-going and working it out to finalize other entities for this endeavor? Maybe, the DOTC needed an ample time to prove why they’re doing this to MRTC; because of the case in Singapore, iron-out MRT3 management and services, waiting for new coaches and gaining more than 80% of the economic interests in MRTC.

According to Bob Sobrepena, “While government bought 80% of the economic interests in MRTC, it is not the same thing as buying ownership of the train system. The original private investors, through MRT Holdings, comosed of Fil-Estate group of the Sobrepena’s, Ayala Land, Anglo Phil Holdings, Ramcar Inc, Greenfield Development Corp, Antel Land Holdings and DBH Inc. still claim to be the ones who own the train system. MRT Holdings still own shares of MRTC and even managed to sue the government over the purchase of new trains.

The media interview of Bob Sobrepena tells something positive about the future of MRT3 or just reaching out the DOTC about privatization and pushing the PPP of the government? For sure, the government’s watching this interview.

It’s a fact that Bob Sobrepena still favors the privatization because Fil-Estate group of the Sobrepena’s at the MRT Holdings. His intention to open up publicly is to reach out the government of MRT Holdings position in the MRT3 ownership. In addition, because the DOTC didn’t recognize him starting in the year 2012 or maybe because, he sued the government for not following the BLT Agreement? That’s why the string was broken between them? In the first place, both the government and the private investors are to blame for the woes faced by commuters. Over the years, the BLT contract and the privatization policy have caused unbearable burden on commuters and taxpayers. The truly sad part is that government, while seeking to “buy-out” the MRT, still seeks to privatize it eventually, bringing us back to where we started. And why the government has a plan to this? How about continuing the buyout and uplifting the MRT3 services of the taxpayers? Government must not stopped on its role of providing total service to the public, even though Filipinos continue to call on government to stamp out corruption within its operations.

For the betterment of our country, the government must have leaders to lead good example and can do their jobs excellently for the service to the people. This MRT3 problem could be avoided, even at the onset of the project, when everybody only follows the etiquette of dealing government business contracts.

I attached the media interview of Bob Sobrepena by Ms. Karen Davila of ABS-CBN for total understanding of the subject matter.

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