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MRT3 Shutdown Is Feasible or Not? #ViralInternetLinks

To ease passengers' suffering caused by recurring breakdowns of the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT3), its key stakeholders are in agreement over a possible temporary shutdown of the line. The DOTC should initiate quick plans and moves to put forward the MRT temporary shutdown. I am in favor for this shutdown than carrying loads of problems may incur at the present situation. Talks and agreements should be formalized between the MRTC, DOTC and MRT II Holdings.

It’s a fact that both parties should follow the Buy-Lease-Transfer (BLT) Agreement to the best of their knowledge and capabilities to enhance the MRT3 renovation and development; depending on the initiatives of both parties to compromise the agreement in which every facet of works and management for the temporary MRT3 shutdown. Their prowess and resources should unify for the good of the common citizens.

The The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya had said the management of MRT3 hasn't endorsed a shutdown of its operations despite a series of breakdowns in recent weeks.

Lately, the government has pushed back the bidding for the maintenance contract of the MRT3. In a general bid bulletin, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) said the deadline for the submission and opening bids for the P2.2-billion three-year contract has been deferred to October 28. The deadline originally fell on October 17. The agency said the extension aims to allow prospective bidders to prepare competitive tenders. The DOTC did not identify the potential bidders.

At the present situation wherein, the maintenance provider APT Global must be hired until the bidding process is over.

Nevertheless, sustainable program is required in pursuing the plan of renovation. Likewise, all concerned people for this endeavor should devout their precious time, energy and know-how to finish on time. Every angle of MRT3 operations and management should be planned and study very carefully to avoid mistakes, even projecting ahead of 10 years at most.

While breakdowns are showing the APT Global must do their best to eliminate such damage until the new maintenance provider is selected. There’s nothing wrong if the DOTC should initiate the operation of MRT3 at present, but it’s a must to talk it over to MRTC’s Manager Bob Sobrepena. The whole process maybe short of some minor things but at the end of the day, the relationship is sealed slowly.

There are more things to reconsider by the DOTC to put forward the total service to the riding public. In fact, MRTCs businessmen are opening up their desire to support this MRT3 problem and until the development phase. Only that, the DOTC Secretary is not keen with his decision-making strategy in giving enough thoughts beforehand. He bolted such arguments in Senate hearing that the past negotiation is a failure.

Again, I am with the MRT3 shutdown as long as conflict should be compromised by both parties. It should drive the Filipinos to respect their governance when leaders show their capabilities in giving solution with dignity for the common good. It’s not for them to apply their personal interest but to lead by their good intention to serve the country and its people.

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