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The one-month extended maintenance contract of Autre Potre Technique Global Inc. (APT) would likely be extended until a new maintenance contract is awarded because no bidders showed up last October 28, 2014. The DOTC announced that the rebidding will take place next month after reviewing some of the rules to be considered.

In the first place, why the interested bidders are not totally inclined to the DOTC rules? The main concerns of the bidders are on the contract’s provisions on penalties and performance inductors which could not be realistically follow by them. Bidders have the right of not showing up because of the fact it’s not at all quality-wise rules. The penalty could not sustain the revenue and responsibilities of a maintenance provider when worst-comes-to-worst.

What more can maintenance provider could suffice to gain the dilapidated situation of MRT3 train system? It’s like working with the government with no monetary value whatsoever.

The five prospective bidders were Busan Transport Corp., Mosan-Inekon Phils Ltd. Co., SMRT International Pte Ltd., Miescorrail ,Inc., and D.M. Consunji, Inc. These bidders are interested and willing to be a government partner as long as, the company’s increasing its revenues. Likewise, they are businessmen who for some reason or the other, wanted to be awarded.

Controversies in the past deformed the very essence of MRT3 maintenance image. Some political watchers questioned the delay in the awarding of the contract because of the following negative action before.

(1) The alleged $30-million extortion try of former MRT-3 General Manager Al S. Vitangcol III with Czech firm Inekon Group for the purchase of new trains.

(2) The PH Trams Corp. involved in a pending case before the Office of the Ombudsman did not buy the bid documents for the new contract. But Filipinos didn’t believe for this reason.

The government is now reviewing the terms of reference of the three-year maintenance contract due to the issues raised by prospective bidders and set to republish the new terms and conditions by next month to pave the way for the rebidding.

The rebidding could be determined by which the DOTC can instill new rules that could be applicable to all bidders. Interested bidders could imply such notion to the DOTC terms and conditions, but with the review process at hand. Each bidder wants to be awarded and the willingness to cooperate with the government through the initiative of The Department of Transportation and Communications DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya. He should focus for the upcoming rebidding next month, not for early campaigning in 2016 election of Mar Roxas.

Another reason could be that the contract price was not competitive for the bidders. The government must reconfigure the risk profile to make it more attractive to bidders.

Looking forward for the next bidding and hoping for bidders to show their worth.

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