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DOTC Secretary “Fatal” Remarks #ViralInternetLinks

While the unending drama of MRT3 never ceased to amaze us, Jun Abaya nevertheless noted the crucial importance of the extension project of the Light Rail Transit Line 2 to Masinag in Antipolo. The P2.27-billion project would help serve an added 75,000 daily passengers living in densely populated areas of Rizal. Operations will begin by the third quarter of 2017.

But the traffic congestion brought about by the mismanagement of MRT3, the riding public never ceased to wonder what’s happening to the DOTC Secretary. He was with this government service industry for a long time now with many negatives came to him without much flair.

Consequently, agreed to undertake the two-station approach for the proponents of LRT-1, LRT-7 and MRT-3 have yielded to the DOTC decision to adopt the two-station approach (instead of a single station) to effect the transfer of passengers from any of the three lines to any of the other two lines in order to proceed to their respective destinations.

Likewise, Jun Abaya’s “Fatal” remarks to the media gave more negative aspect of his character in rendering the outcome of his government jobs at the DOTC. And, he’s quick to reiterate in public without any remorse.

Why this is happening for the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) when the Aquino Administration truthfully opened its course to the public. The betterment of the living condition of the Filipinos that he installed upon had been corrupted by the opposition’s lethal weapon. For his last SONA, he never amazed to report the good things that he devoted to work for.

The rehabilitation of MRT3 had gone too far for Jun Abaya to give positive feedback to the people. It continued the messy part of its maintenance activities and the projected upgrade of the dilapidated metro rail.

The Senate tried to conduct another public hearing within the month to have an update of the DOTC report on MRT3. The Senate wanted to know the immediate actions that will be done to solve the mess in MRT. The public just deserves to know what DOTC has to say about it, since commuters are left as victims. Everyday complains on ridership experiences and defective trains are increasingly shared and promoted on social media.

The development that the riding public have always wanted was outdated by its constant breakdowns and problems occurred overtime. The maintenance companies that Jun Abaya had employs, composed of so many components to deal with such hard recourse. It supposedly to give ease and betterment for the metro rail system but maintenance people have difficulty in gaining the trust of the public.

Likewise, the Aquino Administration’s trying harder to confront the new horizons of its governance. Proving to be the best in each sectors of the society, they yielded much programs for pushing the improvement of the nation. The increased in GDP talked much for the administration to show the results to the people. More so, the election 2016 has its merits to continue the good side of the Aquino Administration and hoping the positive outcome for the work done by our leaders in the future.


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