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The MRT3 Never-Ending Drama Until Election 2016? #ViralInternetLinks

The MRT3-EDSA is the longest government drama that bestowed its never-changing desires to fix the problems. It’s more than what the Filipinos are expecting to give much excellent services in terms of development.

The delays and lack of progress in the rehabilitation of MRT3 are totally the responsibility of the DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya. He opted to resume his decisions even though the public outcry deepened overtime. What other options that he’s aiming at before and until now?

Other political groups are sceptical about his motives in prolonging or delaying the remedies to be implemented in MRT3. The contracts he made (most of the time) are nowhere to be desired by many. But instead, his actions got another doubts from the Senate and other political groups. He’s the Liberal Party President and nothing new for his actions to give way for his party in the coming election 2016.

The question really bound to the Secretary Abaya and the Pnoy Administration , why he’s the one to handle this responsibility when in fact, he has no experience with this job beforehand.

Come to think that he always manipulated the bidding to be failed, so that he can do the other way around according to his planned motives?

The Senate grilled him for the longest time without any doubt that his projection for the MRT3 development is nothing but a show….a delay until election time in 2016. What he wants for the implementation by multiple maintenance providers? No one will ever be responsible in case worse comes to worst?

It’s really clear that the MRT3-EDSA problems can be minimized and can be manipulated until the full development will be implemented. But the main thing lies with the DOTC head to pursue its immediate solutions.

The Senate wanted Secretary Abaya to resign but who will replace him? President Aquino will allow this to happen? How about the mess he created before?

Leftist groups are feasting for their negative remarks about the DOTC Secretary, “Mismanagement had been abetted by his closeness to the President. Like others in the Aquino Cabinet, they have so far seen themselves as untouchable. Will President Aquino finally stop his awful practice of coddling his cronies and get rid of him before he wreaks more damage at the DOTC?” According to them, the problem was that Abaya had no special qualifications or record to bring to the DOTC in the first place.

Whatever brings the most affordable and easy way-out for MRT3 problems can be credited to those who sacrificed their time – the train commuters. They made their time allowable to the negative setbacks done by the Pnoy Administration in general.


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